Sleep and the City

One day while sitting in a small, overcrowded and unusually loud cafe in the heart of this city, my friend and I were indulging in our weekly dose of gossip and catching up over good food.

“You know, your life should be one of those TV series. Just the right dose of relatable, boring and a pinch of fucked-up”, she was shouting and gesticulating wildly so as to be heard over the din.

“What? No fucking way. It’s just me, in my pyjamas, trying to get 8 hours of sleep per day in this city.”

That’s all this girl needs sometimes. Is it too much to ask for?

“Two large french fries, please!”, she told the waiter before turning towards me, “No seriously, think about it. You, strutting down the streets of New Delhi..” Continue reading “Sleep and the City”

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First blog post

Well, this is supposed to be my first blog post. Wow. I want to thank my mum, dad and brother. My high school teachers, my current friends and all the previous snakes and freaks I’ve encountered in my life and also, Benedict Cumberbatch (I don’t know why but I feel like thanking him. For existing).

Oh wait. This is unintendedly turning out to be an Oscar winning speech.

So without generating much carbon footprint, let me just say – Here’s my long-awaited blog, people. The first step towards the journey of winning a Pulitzer, or maybe just a stop for drunken rants and frustrations which can later be used during my Psych evaluation.

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SLEEP AND THE CITY #4: The Dating Detox = No RelationSHITS, No Problem.

“You thought this was something serious? Almost a year of staying up till 4 am and talking about absolutely nothing and everything. Dayumn, you’re so naïve Parker! Did you really think this had a future?”, the voice sounded familiar. My head involuntarily turned to right, the direction from which those words appeared to float towards me.

“I told you I really liked you and wanted to ask you out, but then I thought things would be much easier with this other girl I’m talking to. No hard feelings, right?”, this time the voice was new but sounded just as obnoxious. It was coming from the left.

“Oh look at her. The mighty girl with lofty standards. What happened to them now, eh?”, the stinging sarcasm hit me right in the gut. The voice laughed as it approached me.

“Listen Parker, I love you but I need some time to think. Maybe like a lifetime”, the first voice spoke again in mock-seriousness.

I turned around frantically, trying to make sense of what was going on.

And then they all started laughing.

“Oh look, the mighty have fallen. Now who would’ve thought of that?”

“You have such an amazing taste, dude. Flings with absolute filths.”

“Miss I’m-too-good-for-everyone, were you not too good for him?”, she laughed.

I took a step back and tripped on a small branch. Seriously, what the fuck is happening. I felt like I’m in one of those WWE championships where everyone knows that it’s scripted, but I’m being punched again and again because for me, it’s all too real


Just then, a hand reached out for me. “Hey are you okay?”, the first voice asked as he touched my arm, “Can we talk again? I really miss you… Or wait, I may be drunk. ”

That made me look up. It was the king of fuckboys, smiling down at me.

Suddenly there was a loud buzzing noise and everything went white.

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Sleep and the City #3: Man-flu and Soulmates!

It was a night full of nightmares. Except, the fact was that I was awake. Red-rimmed eyes open like an owl. Because, late that night I fell wretchedly ill. After I vomited out 500 bucks worth of food in three instalments, I was totally out of my euphoric party mood and so I decided to crawl out of the washroom and into my hostel room to cut my stomach out of my body and toss it in the dustbin.

But before heading back, I looked into the mirror of the girls hostel’s common washroom one last time. By the time I had emptied hot chocolate fudge (yes, I can be enticing and gross at the same time) out of my system, I had fallen into an emotional man-hole (pun intended) so deep, that somebody had to call the fire department people to carry out a rescue operation of pulling me out.

It was three in the morning. The longer I stared at my reflection, the more alone I felt. And then it suddenly hit me, ‘I’m vomiting my guts out, in a dark hostel washroom and I’m alone. There’s no mom here to pat my back. No best friend to hold back my hair. And no significant other to ask me how I’m doing.’

“It’s the curse, Parker!!”, whispered back my reflection.

“Okayyy. Time to get some sleep. I’m officially going bonkers.”, I decided to scurry back to my room before my life turned into The Conjuring Part 4.

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I got the inspiration to write this a couple of years back, while surfing through some med school blogs wherein people chronicled their experiences in various clinical rotations. When I read those rose-tinted accounts and unicorns-poop-rainbow stories about life as a student in a hospital, I decided that I owe it to the world to tell behind-the-scenes reality of what goes on in the mind of a 21 year old who deals with freaks everyday. (No I wasn’t talking about the patients, you asshole. I was referring to the doctors and my batchmates.)

Note: The ideas expressed in the following blogpost were a result of the author’s immaturity, frustrations and mildly high state after a particularly dreary day in her 2nd year of medical school. And so she retains the right to back-track from her statements at any point. Because a lot of things have changed since then. But of course, her mental age is still 10 years.

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An open letter to anyone from whom someone close walked away.

I wrote this open letter on a whim, one day, while sitting in my college lecture, when the professor was rambling on and on about fracture of femur bone and I was surrounded by fractured hearts with fake smiles plastered on their faces (Sounds cheesy, eh? Well, something I learnt way back – you shouldn’t mock a pain that you haven’t endured!).

Originally meant to be an ‘I understand what you’re going through’ letter for my best friend, it soon turned out to be cathartic for me as well. The more I wrote, the more I realised that when I was giving her advice, I was really just talking to myself in the past.

And so this heartfelt letter is dedicated to anyone who’s hurting right now. Because the thing to remember is – If we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too!
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SLEEP AND THE CITY #2: It’s Raining Men!

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, I was cursed. I told my sepoy in tainted armor that I’m not ready for a serious relationship, because we’re in high school and I just want to have fun being single and don’t really want to be tied down to anyone.

Which in the ‘delusional about love’ girl language translates to – I’m just looking for a knight in shining armor who’ll sweep me off my feet and let’s face the truth; your armor is far from shining.

The disheartened sepoy hexed me right then, “You know Parker, this way you’re going to be the cat lady who forever runs away from true love and into the arms of fuckboys”.

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Last year in December, I paid a customary visit to the party capital of India ~ Goa (basically, Malibu for the middle class), as a part of my ‘Finals-are-over, let’s-show-everyone-on-Instagram-that-you-have-a-life’ annual trip.

(This travel post is a crash course for what to expect when you land in Goa. For those of you who’ve never heard of or visited this pint sized place in India, dafuq are you waiting for? Google ‘Lonely Planet – Goa’ after reading this and book your tickets)

Because Goa is much more than just beaches and ‘trance parties’.

Now there are many urban myths surrounding this ‘holy’ pilgrimage for people who want to have lots of unsupervised fun on the beach with minimal consequences. Because, “Arre bhaee, yeh Goa hai. Yahan sab chalta hai (Heyy, it’s Goa. Fucking around is fine here.)”.

Here’s the map (just to sound intellectual).

A small state (So tiny, that I’ve rechristened it as the Pluto of states), situated at the western coast of India, sandwiched between the mighty Maharashtra and Karnataka, Goa is known for it’s picturesque beaches, the old world charm of its towns, Goan cuisine, happening night life, Feni (liquor produced exclusively in Goa, India) and throngs of Russians prancing about the beaches of North Goa, with more beer bottles than I can count on my finger (Go Kingfisher!), who have made this state their winter home.

Goa has also won a notorious reputation for-

  1. Being the most popular travel destination which comes to mind when you’re excitedly making plans of debauchery with your good-for-nothing friends.
  2. Being the most popular travel destination which comes to mind when you inevitably cancel those plans because ‘I’m sorry guys, my parents won’t allow me to go’. I swear, this place has seen more ticket cancellations than the Malaysian Airlines after the sad disappearance of MH370. (I’m sorry for making this awfully, accurate statement. Please don’t get butthurt and start filing FIRs)
  3. Being the one place in India where you shouldn’t go with your parents. (Tbh, I don’t get this stupid urban myth. I mean look at yourself in the mirror, whether you’re going with your parents or your friends or alone, you’re not getting laid, anyway.)

Being the badass ‘myth destroyer’ that I am, I did the unthinkable. I went to Goa during the Christmas break of Dec ’16, without any ticket cancellations or last minute jitteriness, in my 1st attempt to visit this ‘shrine of alcohol and fun by the beach’ and *wait for it* with my family.

Mandatory ‘through-the-plane-window’ photo. The airport is situated right by the beach.

And here’s what I experienced (originally updated as #GoaDiaries which I wrote everyday after returning to our rented apartment in Goa)~ Continue reading “GO, GOA, GONE!”

That White Coat is my Cape.

A friend once asked me: isn’t it depressing, having to go to a hospital everyday?

I hadn’t really thought about this before. A picture of me sprawled across a chair in the demo room, scrolling through Facebook, courtesy the hospital wifi, and asking if any of batchmates had something to eat, flashed in front of my eyes.

“Umm.. not really”, I had replied.


One fine evening, a few weeks later, as I walked back to my hostel room, her question crossed my mind again.

Hospital, patients, death – Do I not find these depressing? Have I become emotionally numb? Is it something which gives me an adrenaline rush? Or, have I finally begun to love the life I chose?

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